Mali - FEMAFOOT: A high-stakes election in view

Mali - FEMAFOOT: A high-stakes election in view

The election of the president of the Malian Football Federation (FEMAFOOT) and its board will take place in August. Delegates from the 9 regional leagues, 16 League 1 clubs, 9 second division regional champions and 4 sports groups will choose a new president for a 4-year term.

4 likely candidates in the running
The new president of the Malian Football Federation will probably be the outgoing Mamoutou Touré 'Bavieux' or one of his new challengers Sekouba Diogo Keita (former vice-president of FEMAFOOT), Gaoussou Mpah Sylla (president of the Koulikoro League) or an old acquaintance, Salaha Baby (president of the Timbuktu Football League).

The first three have officially announced their candidacy. The fourth, the challenger to the outgoing president in the 2019 elections, has not yet made his announcement. He will do so after Sunday, the 4th day of his mother's death.

The candidates vying for the presidency of FEMAFOOT will be almost the same as in 2019. Although journalist Alassane Souleymane has not yet made his views known, Gaoussou Mpah Sylla and Salaha Baby were on the same list in 2019 against the list of outgoing president Mamoutou Touré, which also included Sekouba Diogo Keita.

81 votes at stake
Although the call for candidates has not yet been officially launched, the countdown is on for some.Behind the scenes, the campaign to win over voters is already in full swing. The delegates won't be the only ones to seduce. An invisible hand has, at one time, influenced the choice. That hand is the political authorities. This was the case in 2009 and in 2019, according to Sport New Africa.

FEMAFOOT's Elective General Assembly is scheduled for 29 August. On that day, the 81 delegates from the 9 regional leagues (3 votes per league, i.e. 27 votes), the 16 League 1 clubs (2 votes per club, i.e. 32 votes), the 9 D2 champion clubs (2 votes per club, i.e. 18 votes) and the 4 sports groups (1 vote, i.e. 4 votes - referees have obtained their affiliation) will have the heavy responsibility of deciding between the candidates. Either to give another vote of confidence to the current president, or to elect a new president.

According to the new FEMAFOOT statutes, which will be amended in 2021 and will form the basis of the election, there will be no megaphone. Voting will be by secret ballot. Each of the 81 delegates to the elective General Assembly will have to vote individually. Before doing so, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements. In other words, they must be sponsored. This means being supported by at least 2 of the 9 leagues and at least 5 of the 25 clubs.

Voting members

The 9 regional leagues are : Bamako, Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Ségou, Mopti, Timbuktu, Gao and Kidal.

14 of the 16 Ligue1 clubs: AS Real de Bamako Club, Djoliba AC, Stade Malien de Bamako, Olympique Bamako (COB), Onze Créateurs, Union Sportive des Forces Armes et de Sécurité (USFAS), AS Black Stars, US Bougouni, AS Bakaridjan, ASKO, AS Police, Binga FC, AFE.(LCBA or USC Kita)

9 D2 champions: Simbo FC (Kayes), Us Bougouba (Koulikoro), Alençon de Koutiala (Sikasso), ASAC (Ségou), ATS de Koro (Mopti), Avenir AC (Timbuktu), Atar Club (Kidal), Sonni AC (Gao) and AS Guerrier du Mandé (Bamako).

4 sports groups: Union Nationale des Anciens Footballeurs du Mali, Association Malienne des Entraineurs de Football, Association des Médecins Sportifs and the Association des Arbitres de Football.

NB: the 2 remaining clubs to complete the list of League 1 clubs will be known during the League 1 promotion tournament.
They will therefore be replaced by the vice-champions of the clubs that will move up to League 1 at regional league level.)

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