NBA: How much will Joel Embiid earn next season?

Joel Embiid salaires NBA
NBA: How much will Joel Embiid earn next season?

The NBA's top scorer and best player this season, Joel Embiid is now a major figure in the American league. However, he is still a long way from the top 10 best-paid players. Next season, however, he'll be in for a treat.

As a child, Joel Embiid never imagined he would be at the top of the NBA. On the streets of his native Yaoundé, it was much easier to find him with a football or volleyball than an orange basketball. It was at the age of 16 that the Cameroonian began to frequent the basketball tartans, grabbing his first rebounds and scoring his first baskets.

A few years later, after impressing at a basketball camp organised by his compatriot Luc Mbah a Moute, who was playing in the NBA at the time, Jojo became the best player in the world's most prestigious basketball league. A superstar with the Sixers, the 29-year-old was also the season's top scorer twice in a row. All great feats that will undoubtedly make him a Hall of Famer once he retires.

Joel Embiid will earn 56 million dollars in 2025-2026

Despite his prowess and achievements, Joel Embiid is not yet one of the NBA's top 10 earners. Drafted in 2014 by Philadelphia, he has been extended to $191 million in 2021. This season, The Process earned $33 million (€30 million). That makes him the 29th-highest earner this year. This year's ranking was dominated by Stephan Curry and his $48 million (€43 million). Pascal Siakam, the NBA's other Cameroonian star, earned $35 million ($32 million), the 23rd highest salary in the league this season.

Next season, however, Joel Embiid will earn $46 million (€42 million). He will earn $50 million in 2024-2025 (€45 million) and a whopping $56 million in 2025-2026 (€51 million). These hefty sums do not take into account all the bonuses that will be added to the Cameroonian's bank account. The fact that he was voted MVP and was in the best 5 of the season will undoubtedly bring him a big cheque.

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