Nigeria Volleyball Federation engages France based instructor to train 100 coaches

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Nigeria Volleyball train coaches

The Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF) on Friday trained over 100 coaches in a One-Day Coaching Seminar on Coaching Managemen to enhance the knowledge and technical-know-how of the trainers in the sport in Nigeria.

The event organised by the NVBF in collaboration with the Volleyball Coaches Association (NVCA) at the indoor hall of the package B of Moshood Abiola Stadium, Abuja had Edosa Aye, a France based coach as the facilitator.

Aye is a former Nigeria international, who represented the country at the senior level for 18 years and later went to play professional in France, where he became a coach and rose through the ranks to technical adviser and instructor.

The former Volleyball star turned international instructor trained coaches on the new rudiments of rule and regulations guiding the sport and reflects on the positives of the educational one-day session.

“The Nigeria volleyball Coaches are good Coaches, qualified coaches and certified coaches as well.

“I wasn't trying to impose anything but to make them be aware of what is happening in the new and world of Volleyball. We talked about coaching management and different management and how to improve the players.

“The coaches are up to date, they were really responding, I am really glad for what happened during the training session. Volleyball in Nigerian, is bright like any other we need to add one or two things to spice and strength the standard of the sport.

On the objective and potential impacts, he stressed that the essence of the seminar was mainly on management sports whicn encompassed sporting and coaching management.

“Today there are different types of management in sports and different styles of sports management and I just try to explain to them at large,” he continued.

"How we can make it interesting for our future players that will enhance the players and to improve on their performance. He added the training will have a very positive impact on the coaches.

“I think they will try to put this new method into their coaching system next time. The program is still on, and is a gradually process by the time they go back to their various base they will be able to impact it very well.

“I am sure and convinced that they will use this type of method again in their next coaches exercises of course they could have impact the knowledge to players.

“What we did today is just to add one or two points and we have a well experience coaches this training is to make them know exactly what is happening in the new world of Volleyball,” he concluded.

On his part, the chairman of NVCA, Elam Elisham said: "This has been our desire as coaches in NVCA to improve coaches and to also improve the standard of sports in the country.

“This has been our desire as caoches in NVCA to improve coaches and to also improve the standard of sports in the country.

”We just have a refresher course, obviously, it's just to cover as an exco of Nigerians volleyball association., This is the beginning of new era in Volleyball, the resource person is an ex international volleyballers.

“Aye our instructor has played for Nigeria over 18 years. We never knew we are going to have him today but to God glory, he conducted. Every coach has gained one or two things out in this training they will go back and implement it in their various games.

“A program like this will be organized every quarter of the year, that is three months to keep all coaches updated on the system, rudiments and rules and regulations to improve the game,” he said.

The trainees includes the coaches in the premier and division one league were part of the participants.

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