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PSG: Tabitha Chawinga wins over everyone in France

Tabitha Chawinga
PSG: Tabitha Chawinga wins over everyone in France

Malawian women's soccer star Tabitha Chawinga is winning over everyone in France. After Sweden, China and Italy, it's now France's turn to take their hats off to the patented goalscorer, who becomes the top scorer and/or player wherever she goes. She's well on her way to finishing as France's top scorer. She is also a declared candidate for this year's Ballon d'Or for women. Many French technicians are spellbound by the performances of Tabitha Chawinga, who is playing in the CL quarter-final return leg with the French capital club on Wednesday March 28.

The striker tops the league's scoring and assist charts with 15 goals and 10 assists in 17 games played. The Lilongwe native has also scored 6 goals in her last 6 games. She's making life miserable for defences in the French league. In her first season in France, Tabitha Chawinga is putting in a top-flight performance that is impressing the league's technicians.

What's more, the Wuhan Jianghan University (China) player is making a name for herself in the Champions League with Paris. Chawinga has 3 goals and 2 assists to her name. The latter was scored in the first leg of the CL quarter-final against BK Hacken of Sweden. This evening, she could help her team-mates reach the last four of the most prestigious club competition.

David Fanzel, sporting director of FC Fleury 91, and a keen observer of women's soccer, assesses the 27-year-old's performance."She's walking on water at the moment. She had a good period, then she was in trouble. Since the resumption in January, she's been decisive: she scores and gets goals. When you're a striker, stats are important. But it's also the impression of power and confidence she gives out on the pitch."

Caric: "She's clearly PSG's lethal weapon".

Another technician is full of praise for the former Inter Milan player. This is Dijon manager Sylvain Carric, who adds in L'Equipe."At the moment, she's the best because the figures speak for her, quite simply. But there's still the impression she gives .We all know that her depth is incredible. No matter how hard we try to work on it, we just can't find the solution at the moment. When you see the speed she's going at, no one can catch her. Then there's her speed of execution and the power of her supports, very low, very toned. It's impressive. She's clearly PSG's lethal weapon, their driving force", says Chawinga, who was clocked at 31.2 km/h in the CL, a season's record.

Another technician recognizes her qualities, although he qualifies the impression that she is a better player. He also points to the quality of the Parisian squad, which helps her to perform well.Even so, this does not detract from her talent and, above all, her versatility, one of her strengths.Jean-Louis Saez, sporting director of the Hérault-based club says."The best player in D1? In the first two months, it was (Julie) Dufour (PFC). If she wins trophies with PSG, why not? What's certain is that she's one of the most complete players in the Championship, capable of playing in all attacking positions. But you also have to bear in mind that she's expressing herself in a team that's performing well at the moment. It would be denigrating to the PSG collective to talk only about her."

Her club coach Jocelyn Prêcheur, for his part, isn't keen to single out just one player in his squad."I'm always reluctant to single out any one player. She's feeling good at the moment, and that's reflected in her good performances .But she's the first to say that if she can finish the action, it's because the group puts her in those situations too."

Unfortunately for Chawinga, in the league, Lyon (52pts) are well on the way to winning the championship once again, with Les Gones 7 points ahead of Paris (45).

However, if PSG qualify for the Champions League semi-finals, which requires a good result against BK Hacken at home tonight at 8pm GMT (PSG won 1-2 in the first leg), they will meet Lyon. Who qualified this Wednesday at Benfica's expense. A match-up just the way Tabitha Chawinga likes it.

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