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Pyramids FC: Ramadan Sobhi and the club intend to lodge a complaint against the President of the Federation

Pyramids FC: Ramadan Sobhi and the club intend to lodge a complaint against the President of the Federation

The President of the Egyptian Football Association Gamal Amal had claimed to have received a letter informing him of a positive doping test by Pyramids FC player, international Ramadan Sobhi. The club replied this morning that this information was not entirely accurate. Like the player, the club is outraged by this irresponsible statement. The club gave its version of the facts and revealed that the player wants to take the matter to court.

Ramadan Sobhi, the Egyptian international winger, is taking legal action against the President of the Egyptian Football Federation. In a statement to Radio On Sport, Gamal Allam said. "We have received a letter from the World Anti-Doping Organization, indicating that the sample of Ramadan Sobhi, the Pyramids player, was positive. Another sample from the player will be selected before a decision is made on him."

Hani Saeed, Pyramids Club's sporting director, took exception to this statement. "I am deeply surprised by the irresponsible statements made by Gamal Allam regarding what was attributed to our player Ramadan Sobhi and the misleading and incorrect information they contained.I question their motives and true purpose."

He added: "These statements are part of a systematic campaign against the player and Pyramids Club."

Continuing, his recriminations, towards the president of Egyptian soccer's apex body, he said. "The president of the federation has committed a flagrant violation of the confidentiality undertaking imposed on him by his position, and has spoken about this affair without knowledge of it and without even waiting for facts linked to the player's position to be proven."

Hami Saeed also criticizes his stance, which is contrary to his role as Chairman. "The president of the Football Association is the first person responsible for the game and the players, and he must preserve and protect them, not defame them in a deceitful manner."

He further informed that the player reserves the right to take the matter to court."Ramadan Sobhi has informed me of his desire to take all possible and necessary legal action against Gamal Allam".


Pyramids gives its version of events

An unnamed source at the club spoke about what lies at the heart of the matter."Ramadan Sobhi underwent a doping test after one of the continental matches. And during the test, an argument broke out between him and the doctor taking the sample," he testified. "The Anti-Doping Organization then informed us that the first sample had been destroyed, while keeping the second sample sealed, and that we had to explain within 14 days the reason for the damage to the sample", he then elaborated.

For the player's defense, the source of say, their plea. "We will respond in a letter within a few days, that Ramadan Sobhi has been an international player for a long time and that he has undergone doping tests dozens of times and they have always been negative, and that the Egyptian Anti-Doping Organization obtained 6 samples from Ramadan Sobhi during this period and they were negative."

He concluded his statements thus. "There is no truth in what has been reported indicating that Ramadan Sobhi's sample was positive, and we will prosecute all those who have asserted this without any evidence."

Ramadan Sobhi is an Egyptian international winger. He has 37 caps to his name. The 27-year-old has been absent from the national team since the AFCON 2021. This season, he played 15 matches in all competitions, scoring 1 goal for his club Pyramids FC.

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