Qatar 2022: 'I have won my World Cup'', Samuel Eto'o gives up on World Cup dream?

Qatar 2022: 'I have won my World Cup'', Samuel Eto'o gives up on World Cup dream?

FECAFOOT president Samuel Eto’o made an outing on Wednesday Nov. 30 stating that he has already won his World Cup, a statement that interprets many things, including the fact that the Ex Barca star may have given up on winning the ongoing competition.

On Wednesday, the President of the Cameroonian Football Federation took the floor amid guests to sell the Invest In Cameroon project.

Eto’o took the opportunity to touch on the question of discipline within the den. For him, what he is doing, is building the results of tomorrow and that there will be difficult decisions to be made.

“I don’t do politics. But we are taking advantage of the platform we have, the Indomitable Lions, to sell Cameroon, our beautiful country. Hard decisions will be made. It’s true we are bound by the result. But in the little school of life that I have known, all the results are built.

“When I arrived at Barça, the club had been 10 years since they won… what we do today at the Cameroon Football Federation is to have results for 10 to 15 years. It may take a long time, but please be patient. Believe me, the young boy in front of you has some idea of ​​football.”

the former Indomitable Lions skipper then made claims of him having already won the World Cup. For him, the biggest challenge was the right organization for Cameroon’s participation at the World Cup.

A good organization that credits the current Minister of Sports whom he greatly thanked.

“I cannot end without saying to my boss who is here. Mr. Minister, in front of the whole community who are here, I wish to say thank you. Excellency, the boy in front of you has done four World Cups. And my World Cups have never been like this. I have already won my World Cup and it is thanks to you, Excellency.

“I won it because our beautiful country was always put forward by its poor organization, by the problems of bonuses. You did not allow this, Excellency. And I say thank you Excellency, because you have allowed this“, he added.

Prior to the World Cup finals, Eto’o had the Indomitable Lions to play against Morocco in the final. To get passed the group stage, Cameroon must defer Brazil on Friday December 2

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