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Togo - Athletics - Maheza Anaming: "I want to create my own history in the world of athletics...".

Maheza Anaming
Togo - Athletics - Maheza Anaming: "I want to create my own history in the world of athletics...".

The in-form Togolese athlete Maheza Anaming dreams of one day winning an Olympic medal for her country, to create her own history in the world of athletics. Interview with Maheza Anaming, half-marathon specialist.

SNA: Who is Maheza Anaming?

My name is Maheza Anaming. I'm a long-distance and middle-distance runner.

Can you tell us a bit about your background as an athlete?

I started athletics at secondary school in Sotouboua (central Togo). Then I had the opportunity to go to Senegal. It was there that I did my very first 21 km race, where I finished 1st. My career really began after that Eiffage marathon, with the half-marathon option. I took part in many other competitions in Senegal, Gambia, Togo and even Turkey. I've always been in most of the competitions, in the top three. In any case, I've always been well placed.

You certainly have a speciality between long-distance and middle-distance running?

It's the half-marathon, because I feel more comfortable running long distances than short ones.

What do you think is the strength of Togolese athletics?

First of all, it's the athletes' goals. Then there's the guidance and assistance provided by the Togolese Athletics Federation and the members of the Togolese National Olympic Committee (CNOT). These are the details that enable us to stand up and give us strength.

And Maheza Anaming's own strength?

My strength is my determination, my goal. What do I want to win when I take part in a competition? Why I have to run; why I have to keep training.

What is Maheza Anaming's role model as an athlete?

My role model is the Ethiopian athlete Almaz Ayana Eba, a long-distance runner and 5000m world champion. I see a lot of myself in her. I dream of a great career like hers. I have to admit that Almaz Ayana Eba inspires me a lot because of her stamina in races, despite her small size (1.66 m) and her speed.

What's your greatest dream?

To win an Olympic medal. In other words, to create my own history in the world of athletics. The rest is up to God.

What has been your best competition so far?

My best competition so far is recent. It was my last competition in the women's 10 km in Dakar, Senegal, where I clocked 36 minutes. This proves that I still have 2 minutes left as I approach the minimum. Before that time, I was running around 41 or 42 minutes like that. This competition has given me confidence or reassured me that I can still go forward.

You are currently in Tunisia representing your country at the 2nd edition of the African Beach Games. What does this competition mean to you?

It's an opportunity for me. It's the perfect opportunity for me to show more of what I can do and prove my God-given talent. I'm determined. I respect everything. I'm following my programme.

What are your objectives for these African Beach Games?

It's to achieve the minimum time of 34 minutes in the 10,000m to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris. I tell myself that this is my only chance, so I'm going to give it my all to achieve this goal.

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