Transfer News: Why United shouldn't miss out on Onana

André Onana
Transfer News: Why United shouldn't miss out on Onana

André Onana was Manchester United's priority this summer. The Cameroonian goalkeeper is on the verge of signing for the English club for a fee that could reach 55 million euros. Given his qualities, Man United have not been mistaken in their target.

Onana's qualities have won over Manchester United

At the end of a very good season with Inter Milan, André Onana played a final match of anthology in the Champions League final last June. Despite the 1-0 defeat, the Inter keeper shone once again.Like a compendium of his profile and his return to the top flight that season, Onana impressed in one of the most important matches in Inter's recent history.

Confident and at ease with the ball, the Nerazzurri keeper enabled his team to break away from Manchester City's pressing and make easy progress towards their opponents' box. Pep Guardiola had this to say about him: "It's really difficult to press high against Onana. You can't press him properly."What made the performance all the better was the stakes and stress the players were under. Even so, André Onana remained calm and fair under pressure.

André Onana, another outfield player

While the last season of the legendary David De Gea was plagued by deficiencies on the ball in a team where you have to build from the back, Manchester United can say goodbye to these shortcomings in Erik Ten Hag's game. Onana's former coach at Ajax can better deploy his playing philosophy with the Cameroonian's tactical flexibility around his box. As an additional outfield player, he is able to coordinate his movements with his central players on ball outs, as was often the case last season.

But alongside his impressive passing and footwork, André Onana is also a brilliant goalkeeper. He's disgusting on his line. He had a ratio of 3 saves per game (81%) in the C1 last season and 8 clean sheets in this competition. Since joining Ajax, the Cameroon international has been one of the most promising players in his position, with a number of convincing appearances in Europe.

Trained at La Masia (Barça's training center), the "Indomitable Lion" has opened a new chapter in his career, after several months' suspension for a banned substance, by becoming Inter's and soon United's number 1, two of Europe's biggest clubs.

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