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U17 World Cup: Senegal call for France's disqualification

Sénégal-France Mondial U17
U17 World Cup: Senegal call for France's disqualification

This Tuesday, November 22, Senegal fell to France in the 1/8th final of the U17 World Championship (0-0, 3 tab to 5). Nevertheless, the Senegalese are calling for France to be disqualified.

The reason: the Tricolores played a certain Yanis Issoufou during the tournament.However, the latter had already taken part in the qualifiers for the tournament...with Niger which is forbidden. It should be noted, however, that France did not field him against Senegal, after Burkina Faso lodged an appeal."Yanis Ali Issoufou Abdoulkhadre is included in the France U-17 national team.During the last UFOA B zone tournament, which is an official qualifying competition for the AFCON U-17 "Algeria 2023" and itself a qualifier for the World Cup "Indonesia 2023", the same player was lined up to play for the Niger national team, as attested by the attached match sheets", the Senegalese Football Federation first points out in a statement.

"You will therefore agree with us that this player has played in two official tournaments (CAF and FIFA) in the same category and in the same FIFA competition (U-17) with two different nationalities (Nigerian and French). However, article 8, b of the Statutes and transfer of players clearly stipulates that "he is not authorized to play for his new association in any competition in which he has already participated for his former association".

The player Yanis, having played for Niger, could no longer play for France. Also, article 24 of the Regulations for the U-17 World Cup "Indonesia 2023" emphasizes that all players must be eligible to play for the representative team in accordance with the FIFA Statutes, the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes and any other applicable FIFA regulations (...) In view of the above, we would ask you, Mr. Director, to kindly disqualify France from this competition of the U-17 World Cup "Indonesia 2023" on the grounds of an ineligible player. Attached to this letter are the supporting documents for our request.Please accept, Mr. Director, the expression of our deepest consideration".

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