UEFA Champions League: Impossible is not Bavarian!

UEFA Champions League: Impossible is not Bavarian!

What kind of match can we expect between Bayern Munich and Manchester City? One thing is certain, the Bavarians will press the gas pedal to make up for the 3 goals they lost in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinal in England.

No one had thought a similar scenario of the first leg between Manchester City and Bayern Munich in the Champions League. 3-0 to the English, the score seemed illogical for someone who didn't watch this game. eeeh yes! It's indeed the Great Bayern who had picked up the bowl at the Etihad. A painful setback that even affected the locker room. Sadio Mané and Leroy Sané come to the hands. The first one split the lip of the second one, got a financial penalty (350 000 euros) and a one match suspension. The Bavaria is then upside down for three days because of this incident.

The German champions have to play hard to hope to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League. But they have to score four goals against City. The mission looks like a difficult one. But impossible is not German. "We know that the task ahead of us is incredibly difficult, but if we manage to respond in the duels, then we can see a memorable evening. Everything in its own time. We believe in it, we want to win this game. If we can win each of the two periods, then why not. We will have to know how to thrill our public and deliver a big game," said Thomas Tuchel.

Bayern is the club that has lost more Champions League quarterfinals than any other club present at this stage of the competition. The Bavarians have left this level 12 times, including the last two eliminations.

Manchester City, on the other hand, will want to resume their good run against German clubs in the Champions League. The Citizens have remained on a 14-game unbeaten streak (13 wins), interrupted by a 2-1 defeat in Leipzig on Matchday 6 last season. It was their first defeat against a Bundesliga club since a 1-0 loss to Bayern in September 2014.

"Our priority will be to control the game, and we know what we have to do to do that. We are facing one of the greatest teams in the history of this competition, 11 against 11, and we will have to stay focused on the game ahead rather than what happened last week. It's important to know how to deal with emotions, whether they are positive or negative," said Guardiola.

Onana and Inter to finish the job at home

With a comfortable two-goal lead, Inter Milan and their Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana must confirm their position at home. Their great operation in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Benfica (victory by 0-2), places them as credible candidates for the semis. Except that they must maintain the pace of the first leg, this time at home and in front of the tifosis.

Inter has not reached this stage in the Champions League since losing to Schalke in 2010-2011. This, when he was notably title holder. It is then the right time to return to the front of the stage. "The goal was to reach the quarters. Now that we are there, we have a chance to reach the semis. We played some very strong teams. As a striker, I was worried when I didn't get chances. My guys have them, they just have to stay calm and wait for the wheel to turn in front of the goal," said Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi.

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