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Women Football - Ghana: Nora Hauptle the high priest of the Black Queens

Nora Hauptle-Ghana
Women Football - Ghana: Nora Hauptle the high priest of the Black Queens

Ghana is reborn. The national women's soccer team is back on track. This is thanks to the work of Nora Hauptle. Hauptle, who has been in charge of the team for just over a year, has completely transformed it.

As history has shown. Many great kings and queens used priests and/or priestesses to guide them in the exercise of their power. In Ghana, the high priestess is Nora Hauptle. Whatever her recipe, prayers or magic, it works. The technician took charge of the Ghanaian national team in January 2023, and since then, the forward march has resumed.

Between 2018 and 2022, Ghana suffered one disappointment after another. The Ghanaians, who hosted the 2018 WAFCON, didn't even get past the group stage. Worse still, they failed to qualify for the WAFCON 2022. Initially appointed as technical advisor to the Under-20 team at the Under-20 Women's World Cup, Nora Hauptle took over the reins of the senior team in January 2023. And in her first 09 matches, her Black Queens outclassed their opponents: 09 wins, 31 goals scored, 0 conceded. The highlight of the show was qualifying for the 2024 African Cup of Nations against Namibia. After a 3-1 win in the first leg, Ghana lost 0-1 in the return leg in what was their first defeat under Hauptle.


Unambiguous determination

Despite recent disappointments, Nora Hauptle firmly believes that her group has what it takes to make a comeback."I knew when I jumped in that I'd have the resilience to survive, and I'd learn a lot about myself," she tells BBC Sport Africa.

"For me, the interest may seem ridiculous to others, but it's in this whole journey that I've learned the most about myself," she adds.

Back to the power of yesteryear

Nora Hauptle's goal is to see Ghana back among the great powers of women's soccer in Africa. The country achieved the feat of playing in three consecutive Women's World Cups between 1999 and 2007. The Black Queens have also reached three WAFCON finals (1998, 2002 and 2006) and won the 2015 All-Africa Games. Qualified for the WAFCON 2024 in Morocco, the Ghanaians have the opportunity to shine.

"We want to get back into the top four in Africa... Maybe even win a trophy," proclaims Nora Hauptle. The only fly in the ointment for the 40-year-old coach is an elimination by Zambia in the Olympic Games qualifiers.

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