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BAL 2024 - Nile Conference: Results and full schedule

Al Ahly-BAL 2024
BAL 2024 - Nile Conference: Results and full schedule

The BAL is back. This time, it's the Nile Conference, taking place from April 19 to 27 at the Hassan Mostafa Sports Complex in Cairo, Egypt. The teams in the running are hosts and defending champions Al Ahly, their Libyan namesake Al Ahly, Bangui Sporting Club and City Oilers.

After the Kalahari Conference, it's time for the Nile Conference in this fourth edition of the BAL. In this league, defending champions Al Ahly of Egypt play at home to Libya's Al Alhy, who are new to the competition. Also taking part are Bangui Sporting Club from the Central African Republic and City Oilers from Uganda, who are taking part for the second time. Each team will face its three opponents twice. The two best teams will be at the BK Arena in Kigali, as will the two best third-placed teams from all the other conferences, for four classification matches, followed by eight play-off matches and the finals. These matches will take place from May 24 to June 1.


Nile Conference schedule

Friday April 19, 2024

Al Ahly (Libya) 93-71 Bangui Sporting Club

Al Ahly (Egypt) 99-76 City Oilers

Saturday April 20th

Bangui Sporting Club 101-88 City Oilers

Al Ahly (Egypt) 98-86 Al Ahly (Benghazi)

Monday April 22nd

City Oilers 68-79-Al Ahly (Libya)

Bangui Sporting Club 79-85 Al Ahly (Egypt)

Wednesday April 24th

3pm: Bangui Sporting Club-Al Ahly (Libya)

6pm: City Oilers-Al Ahly (Egypt)

Friday 26th April

2pm: City Oilers-Bangui Sporting Club

5pm: Al Ahly-Al Ahly

Saturday, April 27

2pm: Al Ahly (Libya)-City Oilers

5pm: Al Ahly (Egypt)-Bangui Sporting Club


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