Basketball World Cup 2023: Final ranking of eliminated nations

Basketball World Cup 2023: Final ranking of eliminated nations

With the quarter-finals of the 2023 basketball World Cup set to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, FIBA has unveiled the final rankings of the 24 teams eliminated after the first two rounds, who faced off in classification matches from 32nd to 17th place, for teams eliminated in the 1st round, and from 16th to 9th place, for those eliminated in the 2nd round.

"For each phase of the competition, the teams were ranked according to the Official Rules of Basketball",
says FIBA. Thanks to this ranking, some countries have now qualified directly for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, such as South Sudan, which finished as the top African nation in this World Basketball Championship.In the absence of direct qualification for the Olympics, teams ranked up to 27th have secured their ticket for the Olympic Qualification Tournaments (OQT).

Final standings before the quarter-finals

9. Spain (qualified for TQO)
10. Australia (qualified for the TQO)
11. Montenegro (qualified for TQO)
12. Puerto Rico (qualified for TQO)
13. Brazil (qualified for TQO)
14. Dominican Republic (qualified for TQO)
15. Greece (qualified for TQO)
16. Georgia (qualified)
17. South Sudan (qualified for 2024 / best African nation)
18. France (qualified for 2024 Olympics as host)
19. Japan (qualified for 2024 / best Asian nation)
20. Egypt (qualified for TQO)
21. Finland (qualified for TQO)
22. New Zealand (qualified for TQO)
23. Lebanon (qualified for TQO)
24. Philippines (qualified for TQO)
25. Mexico (qualified for TQO)
26. Angola (qualified for TQO)
27. Ivory Coast (qualified for OQT)
28. Cape Verde
29. China
30. Venezuela
31. Iran
32. Jordan

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