CHAN 2022: Algeria and Morocco before CAF's discom

La CAF reporte les 3e et 4e journées des qualifications de la CAN 2023.
CHAN 2022: Algeria and Morocco before CAF's discom

The Confederation of African Football will decide in the case between Algeria and Morocco.

If the CHAN 2022 ended with the victory of Senegal over Algeria in the final, another match is not yet over. It pitted Morocco against the host country even before the competition began. Due to diplomatic tensions between the two countries and the closure of Algerian airspace to Moroccan flights, the Moroccan team had refused to travel to Algeria, if it could not do so directly via a plane of Royal Air Maroc, official partner of the Moroccan Football Federation. After the mediation and the media battle between the two countries, the Confederation of African Football will now look into this matter.

Sport News Africa has learned that this Tuesday, February 28, the disciplinary panel of the body will study the reasons for the non-participation of the Moroccan team in order to determine the responsibilities in one camp as in the other. The body will also rule on the speech made by the grandson of Nelson Mandela during the opening ceremony. A speech denounced by the Moroccan side, especially about the words of the South African on the Western Sahara. CAF had announced the opening of an investigation.

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